Construction Company SEO

A carefully strategized SEO marketing campaign is essential for construction companies eager to compete in today’s crowded digital marketplace. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the critical advantage for making your company and the services you provide stand out above all the rest.

With so many construction companies in your region, it’s important to find effective methods for reaching your target audience. SEO marketing can help customers find your business, fast. Visibility is essential for getting the jump on your competitors and since the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the direct methods for tracking down the goods and services clients need, you want to be sure your company’s online presence is the first thing they see.

A good SEO marketing strategy can make all the difference by building your search engine ranking. Your clients are seeking out their next hire and they don’t want to be scrolling through multiple pages of search engine results to find the construction company that best fits their needs.

Your company should be the very first one they find at the top of the first page of those results. In fact, construction company websites that are located near the bottom of the first page and beyond have a significantly reduced chance of being seen, much less clicked upon by a client. Without that critical visibility, you are ceding hundreds of thousands of dollars to your competition. The other guys are driving more traffic to their sites and earning more revenue all because their Search Engine Optimization strategies are far more effective at generating leads that get real results.

Why does SEO matter? It positions your construction company as a leader in the field. Good SEO allows your business to gain that important advantage because it builds trust with customers by presenting your company as an authority in the construction industries. This gives them peace of mind knowing they have hired someone who can do the job and, more importantly, do it right the first time.

SEO helps to build that trust through a multi-faceted online presence with one specific goal of generating more business for your construction company.

The Benefits of SEO Marketing

The online presence of your construction company utilizes multiple factors to ensure that clients find your business first in their search results. Through SEO, that position at the top of the first page is achieved organically, clients feel more confident knowing your construction company has earned the right to be in that pole position by demonstrating a continued reputation for client satisfaction. Organic search results bring greater results than paid advertising.

It has a psychological effect – when a client finds a business has organically achieved placement at the top of the first page of search results, he or she knows they are dealing with a credible, trustworthy, and well-established company with high levels of online traffic reaching their website. Some search engines, Google for example, allow companies to pay for the opportunity to get the most exposure at the top of that first page of search results.

But while that might be a good strategy for some companies under certain circumstances, this can have a negative psychological impact on the search engine user. This makes them wonder why a company has paid for this placement instead of earning it through organic means. In some cases, paid advertising could have the opposite effect and create doubt in a search engine user’s mind about the trustworthiness and reliability of that company or brand.

Here are some of the ways that SEO can help your company drive more organic traffic to your construction company website:

Give Your Online Presence a Boost

Boosting the online presence of your company starts with having a professionally built website that doesn’t just meet but exceeds the high criteria of the major search engines. Only when those standards are addressed to the satisfaction of their scoring protocols can your website have a strong chance of earning that top spot on the first page.

But once that happens, you need to start driving traffic to the site. A good SEO strategy can provide a boost through targeted keywords chosen to trigger more views and get that traffic. This, in turn, helps improve your position in Google searches to get your company hired for more jobs.

Keyword Research

Keywords are a powerful ally in driving traffic to your website. But those keywords need to be chosen carefully so when your clients are entering those keywords into their search query, your website pops up in that number one position in their results pages. Conducting smart and precise research into the keywords that are most relevant to your business as well as keywords that are popular in the region where your company is located can help you target your content directly to the intended organic audience.

Improved Branding

When it comes to building a strong online presence, consistency is paramount. Your company is trying to send a message to your target audience, that message has to be clear and consistent at every component of that presence. Don’t underestimate the ability for small details to confuse your audience. It’s important to make sure that every aspect of the brand represents the same message. Little things like having the company address and contact information correct on your website, your emails, any portion of your online presence that your audience will see or interact with at any point in time.

Consistent messaging fosters trustworthiness. But that’s only the start, it’s important to continue building that trust through a variety of other elements that are all designed to help make your construction company the dominant leader in the field. Equipping your company’s website with all of the necessary elements to help it gain the most favorable ranking in search engine results pages.

These include Google reviews, expert testimonials, relevant certifications, links to other trusted websites and blogs, and a clear, specific call to action. The search engines put a strong emphasis on the user experience. They want to spotlight the websites that offer the best possible experience to the user and that means having knowledgeable content that offers plenty of information along with recognition and support from other high-quality, widely trusted websites in your field. Together these build that all-important confidence in the search engines to give the best websites the most visible position on search engine results pages. Visibility leads to conversions and increased sales.

The Power of a Professional Website

We’ve already established that your construction company’s website is the nucleus of your online presence. So how can you make sure your website is ranked as high as possible by Google and the other major search engines? It starts with having your website built by an expert at the task. Your company website is often the first thing a client sees when he or she is searching for your business. It’s your calling card, so to speak, and if your site looks amateurish and doesn’t function properly, the search engines are going to rank it well below that coveted top spot.

Remember, Google is all about providing an exceptional user experience and a poorly designed website fails to do that. If the objective here is to get your online presence the visibility it deserves but your website doesn’t work properly, you’re facing a steep uphill battle to achieve that objective.

That’s why conducting comprehensive website optimization is so crucial to your construction company’s success and a smart SEO campaign will provide the backbone of that analytics evaluation.

Website Optimization

Your company’s website may be failing your business and you may not even realize it. Poor functionality is a common barrier to high rankings in Google search results pages. But working with an SEO company to optimize your website can fix the problems you might not know you have. The optimization process is performed with a website audit, designed to identify the problems that are disrupting functionality and holding you back from earning the top spot in users’ search results.

The following are some of the critical components that a website audit will examine to ensure that your site is meeting all technical SEO specifications:

How a Website Audit Works

The audit is designed to provide an account of every error preventing the site from working at peak performance. These issues impact both the functionality and speed of your website and they can damage its ranking on search results pages. But an audit can identify what is keeping your website from operating at the level needed to meet the ranking criteria of the search engines.

Site Design

This refers to the basic layout of the site and takes into account both the aesthetic value of the site as well as the ease with which visitors can navigate through it. A site that looks and acts dated with a confusing user interface and poor design won’t keep visitors for very long. That can have a negative impact on your business as prospective clients begin to wonder if the incompetent website is an indication of the level of work your company performs in the field.

This can also damage your SEO as search engines take notice of the average length of time spent by users on the site. If it’s brief and without much engagement, the search engines will not be kind in their rankings on search results pages.

Load Speed

Another critical factor in auditing the performance of your website is measuring how quickly it loads. Website speed plays a big role in search engine rankings because users do not want to sit around waiting for the site to load. That has a significant negative impact on user experience. The top sites on the internet take a fraction of a second to load. Mere hundredths of a second can make the difference between organically earning that spot at the top of the first page of a user’s search results and being relegated to the second or third page where your website’s visibility is drastically reduced.

Mobile Compatibility

These days, we all use our smartphones and tablets a lot more than we do our laptops and desktop computers. More than half of online searches conducted annually are done from mobile devices and that means your company’s website needs to function on a phone or tablet with the same level of advanced performance. If not, your website won’t be ranked as high as those that do.


The SEO audit of a company’s website examines whether or not other websites have provided backlinks and the quality of those sites. Good backlinks from reputable websites also contribute to the possibility of gaining favorable rankings from search engines. When outside websites link your company’s website and any of the content that you have posted on it, it allows users to know you are an authority in your field.

Proving that authority goes a long way towards favorable rankings. It comes across in the value of your content and the quality of the backlink source. Websites that have some level of relevance and authority in your industry only help to prove that you and your company are experts in the field, trusted by other experts who wish to share your expertise with the users who visit their sites.

Organic Traffic Rates

Website traffic is imperative to your online presence. An SEO company that audits your website will conduct a web traffic analysis to determine how easy it is to find your company’s website and perform further analysis to examine if your website could be driving more traffic. Keyword searches and target audience research is performed to determine if traffic can be increased through these methods.

Organic traffic is far more valuable to your website than paid traffic. The search engines are cognizant of the ways you drive traffic to your site, but only those websites that are garnering high traffic rates due to the content and level of expertise offered to the public will earn the highest rankings on search results pages.

Understanding the best methods for reaching your target audience and getting them to visit your website is a major part of any smart SEO strategy.

Unique and Valuable Content

High-quality, informative content can boost your custom SEO strategy. Your web content is the primary force that generates the most traffic. It should inform the reader, offer an authoritative viewpoint, teach or educate the visitor in some way, and it must always be unique to your website. Taking content from someone else’s website and posting it on your site is not unique and it can damage your search engine rankings.

Optimizing Your Content

Much like with your company’s website, the content you post on the site must be optimized to ensure that it always has some degree of educational value for the reader.

When creating your content, you want it to be well-written with a professional voice and free of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. The content should also be evergreen, meaning it remains relevant no matter when it is read by someone. Be it now or five years from now, the content you post should always be relevant to your field.

Factual and accurate content keeps your clients coming back for more and that only helps to drive traffic organically and makes your company website more valuable in search engine rankings. When that website offers particular expertise in a certain field or industry, like construction for instance, the search engines continue to monitor the quality of the content. They want to be absolutely sure they are placing only the best and most informative content in front of the most users whenever they are performing search queries that have some relation to that content.

Content optimization is essential for meeting the demands of search engine users. A construction company website can provide a wealth of valuable solutions, advice, tips and tricks, detailed instructions, home improvement ideas, testimonials, facts and statistics, and visual support for helping users do their own repairs or hiring your company to do the work for them. Not only does this type of high-quality content help to generate traffic to the site, but urges visitors to stick around as they watch videos or read instructions that you provide on how to build, fix, and renovate projects around the home or jobsite. Google is watching how your site performs and how users react to it.

The more valuable and educational the content, the better it is for your website’s ranking. This can all boost your SEO marketing with positive results.


There are two very good reasons for starting a blog on your construction company website.

The first is that your company comes across as an expert in the field and an authoritative voice often earns the top spot on that first page of users’ search results. When visitors read the blog, they are gaining insights into a topic they may not have been well-versed in before visiting your website.

The second is that new and fresh content helps to influence Google and the other major search engines that your website deserves to take the top position on page one. Websites that are routinely adding new content on a regular basis attract higher levels of traffic with consistency. That wider visibility is good for your construction business.

Don't Forget about Visual Aids

When it comes to your content, don’t focus solely on the written word. More users today are visiting websites for video content. They would rather watch someone demonstrate how to do something than read about how to do it. Using videos on a construction company website allows you to create a wide range of visual pieces that give you a golden opportunity to display your expertise on any subject in your field and give your viewers the chance to watch you and your construction team in action.

Anything you can offer a prospective client that shows how you perform your work and the fruits of those labors afterward can secure future jobs. You can even get creative when filming these videos and add some production value to them. Who knows, one of them just might go viral!

Before and after photos are a great sales tool as well. Showing your visitors how your construction team renovated or repaired an old house or built a garage from the ground up can be another useful teaching aid that gets new clients to hire your company much quicker than usual. They can see the work you do in full color right there on the web page. Some unique and descriptive content outlining how the work was performed and the tools and techniques used in the process can make it even more convincing to future clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SEO important?

If you make an investment in search engine optimization, you will notice an exponential increase in your online visibility (SEO). Using SEO techniques, you can get your company noticed by major search engines and pushed up in results on browsers like Google. The higher your website appears on the list of search results, the greater the number of people who will visit your website.

How does local SEO work?

The relevance of your company to customers in the surrounding neighborhood is intended to be increased through the application of local search engine optimization (SEO). We can increase foot traffic to your business in a number of ways, one of which is by raising the profile of your company in the local community and working to make your online profiles more appealing to potential clients.

How much does SEO cost?

Because each SEO strategy is tailored to each specific customer, it can be challenging to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of SEO services before speaking with a trained SEO professional. This is due to the fact that every SEO strategy is unique. We would appreciate it if you could get in touch with us so that we can perform an SEO audit at no cost to you and discuss pricing and strategy.

Are FAQs good for SEO?

If you include pages that address frequently asked questions on your website, you will be able to benefit from increased internal link-building as well as a greater sense of depth. Furthermore, when you add more frequently asked questions (FAQs) to different sections of your website, you will be able to construct more internal links, which will in turn increase your online presence.

How long does SEO take?

The majority of clients start seeing positive results within the first month of working with an SEO company, despite the fact that it could take somewhere between six months to twelve months for SEO to start producing results for a company. After the effects of the SEO have taken place, you must continue to work toward constructing and enhancing your reputation in order to remain ahead of other businesses that are in your industry. Set up an appointment for a consultation, and do not forget to talk about the timetable you have in mind!.

What are the most important Google SEO factors?

It is important that your website loads quickly, that it is suitable for mobile devices, and that it is simple to navigate. If your website is sluggish and difficult to navigate, potential customers who are considering using it will be put off from doing so. When working to improve the searchability of your website on Google, other important aspects to take into consideration include backlinks, content that is optimized for SEO, and authority.

What is on-page SEO?

Your company’s On-Page SEO services have the purpose of making your business’s website more user-friendly and highly relevant to the search query. In order to achieve this goal, it will be necessary to perform optimization on both the visual content and the HTML source code of your website. Not only will this make your business website more visually appealing to users, but it will also significantly boost your website’s ranking in the results of organic search engine queries.

What is off-page SEO?

In order to attain a high rank in major search engines, it is essential to take into account off-page SEO factors. Building links and running advertisements on social media platforms are two examples of this category of factors. These components are taken into account in the algorithms that are utilized by search engines in order to rank websites. This is done because search engines only want to provide users with the results that are going to be of the most benefit to them. With a strong off-page SEO strategy, your website will not only rank high in search engine results, but it will also draw in more visitors from blog posts and social media mentions..

How do SEO backlink work?

A backlink is made when an external website provides a link to one of your pages. Your content receives an increase in validity as a result of these backlinks, which in turn leads to an increase in your rankings. Building links can be accomplished in a number of different ways; however, producing high-quality, unique material that is intriguing enough that other online sites will want to link to it is an excellent place to start.

Do 404 errors hurt SEO?

Broken links, which are also referred to as 404 errors, can have a detrimental impact on the user experience and prevent people from accessing your website. Along with the lost traffic, these broken links are not recognized by search engines, which prevents them from taking any action to raise the ranking of your website.

How much does SEO cost?

Before speaking with an SEO expert, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of SEO work because every SEO strategy is tailored for the specific need of every customer. If you get in touch with us, we will provide you with a free SEO audit, after which we will talk about pricing and strategy.

How do I increase visibility on Google?

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), one has a wide variety of options available to them to choose from in order to increase the visibility of their company. Make an appointment for a no-cost consultation with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy expert so that you can find out more information about how you can use search engine optimization to increase the number of visitors to your website.

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How Much Does SEO Cost & How Clients Should Budget in 2020

SEO is charged and based generally in these models: Hourly Engagement | $75 – $150 per hour via RankPay Retainer Model...
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3 SEO Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

2020 is happening and as a business owner, I’m committed to making it a big year for my business and...

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