Potential customers are seeking a reliable HVAC company in their area. But are they finding your business or are they hiring another HVAC contractor instead? Why are your competitors increasing sales and generating revenue while your HVAC business remains stagnant and lacking growth?

It could be that your online presence is non-existent. But you can get the visibility your HVAC company deserves with an online marketing strategy that incorporates a robust search engine optimization campaign to give your business the competitive edge when customers search for the products and services you offer.

SEO is a critical facet of marketing for the HVAC industry since we’ve become so reliant upon the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find the things we need and want. SEO marketing helps potential customers locate your business in an extremely crowded marketplace.

There are a lot of HVAC contractors, all clamoring to be noticed when someone needs installation or repair work for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units. A carefully-considered SEO campaign analyzes and optimizes all of the most critical attributes of your online presence to put your company’s website front and center so customers find your HVAC business first and fast.

Search engine optimization is all about increasing your search engine ranking so your website link is positioned at the top or near the top of the first page of those search results. Most of your customers are going to find the HVAC contractor they intend to hire in the first few listings of that first results page. They won’t scroll through one page after the next until they find your business.

They locate the HVAC company that meets their needs and click that link.
You want that link to be for your company’s website, not your competitor’s.

How SEO for HVAC Contractors Can Grow Your Business

When a customer searches for “HVAC companies near me” his or her search results will return pages and pages of listings and links to websites of HVAC companies. The goal is to have your HVAC website link at the top of the first page of those listings. It’s the first one they see and the customer is more likely to click your website link before those other links of companies offering HVAC services.

Having your website at the top or near the top of the first page provides maximum visibility for your business which, in turn, helps to drive website traffic and generate revenue from new customers who need their HVAC systems flushed, cleaned, repaired, and so on.

Every HVAC contractor wants their website link to be the first one that customers see. But since the top positions of that first page of users’ search results page are so coveted, the major search engines are extremely particular about awarding those spots. Google, Yahoo, and Bing use strict and ever-evolving criteria to rank each website and award it the position that it deserves based on that criteria.

The search engines’ main goal is to provide users with the best possible experience, so they rank only the best websites in the highest positions. Websites that are informative, solve problems, offer authoritative content, prove their compatibility with mobile devices, and feature quick page loading speeds. All of the things that users want when they click any link on the Internet.

That’s why search engine optimization strategies are so important. When a search engine user finds your company’s website link at or near the top of that first page of search results, it shows that your company is a trusted, leading authority in your industry. SEO builds trust with your customers.

When customers know they can trust you, they hire you and they tell their friends and family about your services if they are 100% satisfied with the work you’ve performed.

Our team of HVAC SEO experts know what it takes to attract website traffic to your business with strong keyword research tools and marketing strategies for organic search results that bring maximum visibility.

Here are some of the ways JH SEO can help your HVAC company thrive:

Building a Better HVAC Website

It all starts with your company website. The search engines closely and carefully scrutinize all of the sites out there on the Internet and if your site doesn’t meet the high standards of the search engines’ scoring protocols you can bet they will rank it poorly.

Search engine optimization is all about making sure your site exceeds the search engines’ ranking criteria to give it that number one spot on the first page. If all of the technical aspects of your company website leave a lot to be desired, customers will have a tough time finding it in their search results pages.

Why a Professional Website Matters

Since all of the major search engines stress the importance of a positive user experience, they put a strong emphasis on functionality when ranking every website online. If your website has been poorly designed, appears dated, won’t load very fast, and lacks mobile device compatibility, your website will not get that top position on the first page of users’ results.

Peak visibility is critical to success online and a website that doesn’t function properly is not going to be taken seriously. That’s a problem for any HVAC business since the website acts as your calling card to prospective customers. You want your clientele to see a website that commands attention and assures the public that your business provides the best and most reliable service in the industry. A website that lacks professionalism tends to make customers second-guess your business and they are likely to look elsewhere for HVAC installation and repair.

But when our HVAC SEO experts conduct a complete optimization analysis of your website’s functionality, we can identify the weaknesses and target the areas that need to be addressed to ensure that your HVAC website only increases in rank. Keyword optimization and compelling content are all but useless if your website hasn’t been optimized to exceed the demands of search engine rank criteria.

Compelling Original Content

When your website features informative, unique, and engaging content, visitors spend more time on the site and that can dramatically improve rankings. Remember, it’s all about value. How much value does your HVAC company website provide to users when they click the link?

High-quality content has a major influence on driving online traffic to your website. The more traffic and more time spent navigating the site are two crucial factors that play into the ranking criteria. So what constitutes compelling, original content?

For starters, your content should inform with authority. Solve problems, offer solutions, and educate the user in some fashion. You want to earn your customers’ trust and featuring strong, unique, and educational content on your HVAC website will help your business earn that trust. Never copy and paste someone else’s content on your website, that won’t increase rankings, but actually do the opposite.

Your website is a representation of your business. You rely on the site to generate leads and book jobs to keep your HVAC company in the black. Your content should reflect that. Therefore, it must always be factually correct and “evergreen” – meaning that your content is as relevant a year or two from now as it is the day you posted it.

The stronger your voice, the more authoritative and knowledgeable your content, the more likely you will attract more users and new customers. Google and the other search engines are always monitoring websites to determine the quality of the content. Grammar and spelling are important, of course, but the substance of your content should always be the best it can be.

Blog Posts

The quality of your content is a big determining factor on where your website is ranked. How often you post content is another and if you are aiming to position your site at or near the top of that first page of search results, then you want to be sure your website is also being routinely updated with new, high-quality content.

Blogging is a great way to keep users engaged with your business as it demonstrates your authority in the field and helps to show Google and the other search engines that your website deserves maximum visibility when users are seeking out the best HVAC contractor in their area.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords help drive more traffic to your website. But in order for those keywords to be effective, they must be elected and integrated into the content with specificity, in an organic manner. Keywords do the heavy lifting of driving website traffic because they signal the search engines that users are seeking out your content.

When a search engine user enters certain keywords into the search bar, your website can show up on that user’s search results pages. If your website ranks higher than the rest, your link is among the first one that users will see.

So choosing the right keywords that are most relevant to your HVAC business and the area in which you serve can help target your content to the right audience.

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