Importance Of SEO For Small Businesses

It’s getting tougher for small businesses to compete in today’s complex global marketplace. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have the right marketing strategy from the start. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of that strategy. Dive into Search Engine Optimization and discover the advantages of SEO for small business.

We live in a digital age. Customers are seeking out the products and services they need through online searches. Will they find your business? Visibility is key when potential customers are conducting those searches on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A carefully considered SEO campaign can give your business the visibility it deserves in a crowded field of competition. SEO will allow your business to stay head and shoulders above the rest and drive traffic to your website by presenting your brand as a trusted authority, organically positioning your business at the top of the first page of every user’s online search engine results.

The biggest set back that small businesses owners face when it comes to starting an SEO campaign is the cost. The design and implementation of SEO marketing can take some time before the desired results translate into a robust return on investment. But these costs do not have to be substantial as an SEO strategy is probably more affordable than you think.

Pay per click campaigns can be costly as you eagerly await your desired results. But with SEO you have a set price and a month-to-month timeline of what you can expect, so you are not stuck paying for customer acquisitions separately. You’re building your presence in a way that will provide longevity. More often than not, Search Engine Optimization is the ideal solution for cost-effective marketing.

Benefits Of SEO For Small Business

SEO is how you can ensure that your business achieves the highest and most visible position in search engine results. Consumers want instant gratification. When they search for something online, they want to find it immediately. They will not scroll through page after page of links to get what they want. The average online user will get to the halfway point of the first page of their results before they click a link and often convert.

That means all of the other links near the bottom of page one and beyond are typically unseen and ignored because the consumer has already found what they want and made a purchase.

Where is your business website currently located on search engine results pages? That position could be impacting your sales and sending revenue across the street to your competitors simply because their sites are ranked above your site.?

Digging into the psychological benefits of SEO, more customers trust organic results over paid advertising. If a business website ranks the highest above all others through organic means, customers feel assured they will enjoy a more positive experience with a business that has proven authority and expertise in its industry.

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Start SEO Campaigns

SEO encompasses everything you need to excel in your field, no matter what type of business you operate. The three most common reasons to work with an SEO specialist are:

Boost Your Online Presence

Let’s face it, more businesses are finding success online these days. Establishing an online presence is crucial for surviving the competition. It starts with having a professional website and finding the most effective ways for driving traffic to it. SEO can help drive sales by increasing your Google search position for keywords that trigger action.

Simplify Your Branding

Creating a consistent online presence allows for customers to find your business and understand what your brand represents to the community. But don’t forget the small details either, the little things that might confuse potential customers. This is particularly important for brick and mortar businesses. A change in address, a new phone number, the tiniest alteration can have a big impact in misleading consumers. Off-page SEO efforts will refine your business information and build your trust with search engines. These campaigns typically last between three and six months, but they can be extremely beneficial in helping your site rank high in the ever-changing scoring protocols of the major search engines.

Increase Sales

SEO is highly effective for maximizing your long-term exposure. Building out your online content so that it contains the keywords that your customers are searching most will drive more traffic to your site. Increased traffic equals increased sales. Your product or service speaks for itself, you just want to be sure it’s placed front and center ahead of as many eyeballs as possible on a constant basis. That means continuing to routinely optimize your online presence, including your SEO strategies.

The Power of the Search Engine

Ranking high on search engine result pages can have a direct impact on visibility and sales. Local SEO gives your small business website the ability to rank for relevant keywords. But there are other benefits to ensuring that your online presence always ranks favorably with search engine scoring criteria:

  • Build trust with Google & other search engines to earn customer loyalty
  • Enhance your appearance in search engine results
  • Increase organic traffic from potential customers
  • Build a positive user experience
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Strengthen brand awareness in your community

On-Site Elements To Consider

Website optimization is the most important factor in your rankings. A good SEO campaign will include an initial site audit, an analysis of your current website traffic, keyword research, on-page optimizations, and backlink building opportunities. These components play a valuable role in your SEO efforts.

While the overall goal is to boost your search engine rankings and increase your online presence, search engine optimization has far more to it than that. To understand local SEO and digital marketing, it’s helpful to break down the individual pieces of an SEO strategy.

Here are the building blocks that will help you accumulate relevant traffic and build your brand:

Website Audits

Technical website audits give you an overview of all site errors that need to be fixed before your site can perform, convert, and rank at an optimized level. After the site audit is run, changes will be implemented to enhance your website speed and functionality.

Web Traffic Analysis

Your organic traffic won’t mean anything if potential customers can’t find the site. A high-quality SEO strategy will analyze your current website traffic and compare it to the potential your website should be reaching. This is based on a variety of factors that are explored so as to increase your traffic through keyword searches and target audience breakdowns.

Keyword Research

To find more relevant traffic, you need to know what your target customers are entering into their online searches. Accurate research of relevant keywords allows your small business take advantage of the the most popular searches in your area. Targeting your content with the right keywords lets you aim your efforts at a specific organic audience.

On-Page Optimizations

It doesn’t matter if you own a multi-billion dollar company or a small business in a local community, high-quality content is imperative to your success. On-page optimization ensures that your web pages have been optimized for the exact keywords and phrases that will increase visibility and traffic. This must be done across all elements of your web page including headings, tags, and links.

High-Value Content

The most authoritative and unique content generates the most traffic. Your website may be fully optimized but subpar content will always score low with search engines. A good SEO strategy will ensure that your content is always relevant, evergreen, and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Brand Trust

Trust is a big thing with online users. That’s why the search engines place such an importance on their scoring protocols and favoring only those websites that offer authority and expertise in a chosen field. The next time you conduct an online search, take a look at the website with the highest placement in your results pages. You’ll notice they contain trustworthy elements such as Google reviews, testimonials, links to other sites, certificates, and other assurances of a website’s overall value to the user. Google places a significant emphasis on the user experience. The websites that provide the best value to the online user usually include one or more of the following:

• Google Reviews
• Linked Guest Blogging
• Call To Actions
• Proper Heading Structure
• Interlinking Between Pages
• Outlining To Informational Pages
• Linking To Map Locations

A good SEO company will know how to properly implement these elements to help small businesses rank at the top of the first page of search results pages.

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