Law Firm & Attorney Websites

Most people who want to get legal services and find a lawyer use online searches. At this stage, using search engine optimization (SEO) is a good marketing strategy for lawyers in terms of providing quality customers at a low cost. However, developing, implementing, and maintaining an effective attorney SEO strategy requires time, energy, technical knowledge, and creativity. Lawyers who are already busy don't have the resources to do this on their own.

What is law firm SEO?

Legal search engine optimization is a method that attorneys use to optimize their websites for search engines, thus the firm can reach more clients who use Google searches. Being at the top of among dozens of legal services appearing in Google search engine results, increasing the visits to your website, and transforming this traffic to selling is an important marketing strategy. In short, legal SEO is a marketing strategy that makes your websites appear at the top of the results page which is known as SERP when a potential client searches for a certain term in the Google search engine.

How does SEO for law firms work?

Lawyer SEO is a method that works by assisting your websites in web design and web development, brand and marketing strategies development, local optimization, social media advertising, link building, legal content production, public relations management.

How Is Marketing in Law Transforming?

Since legal marketing is one of the most competitive areas, lawyers that invest in online marketing strategies can maintain the reputation of their brands online as well as offline. Law firms that cannot stand out on the internet have a low clickthrough rate, so standing out with both SEO strategies and paid advertisements helps the website of your firm to maintain its presence on the internet and to increase its click-through rates.

Why Do Law Firms Need SEO?

Law is an area where there is a lot of competition and this is also valid online. Online searches are also used a lot for legal services, and lawyers need to stand out in these searches and protect their online reputations. Taking a lawyer SEO service helps companies in following google search algorithm updates, producing content, optimizing pages, and web development that lawyers cannot do well on their own. In this way, the website of the firm might rank high in google search results. Thus firms can get more clicks and more lawsuits. Getting attorney SEO service is a sensible and long-term investment for law firms.

How Google Ranks Law Firms in Search?

Google uses over 200 ranking factors and signals to determine the rank in which your website will be shown in a particular search engine query. Google uses various and complex formulas, which we call algorithms when ranking web results. Since these algorithms are based on improving the experience of users during Google searches, Google takes into account numerous factors such as the quality of the content on the site, user experience, and social media signals.

The useful and high-quality content on the site increases backlinks, allows the reader to spend more time on your website, and increases the number of clicks. The length of the content and the use of keywords are important to make it easier for Google to understand what your content is about. Using more than 1500 words in the content and having the varieties of your target keyword can increase your ranking in Google search results.

Having a good website structure is also important for Google since it will increase the user experience. Since searches on mobile devices are increasing nowadays, it is important to make sure that your website works properly on mobile devices. The speed of the internet world has caused users to be impatient about the loading speed of websites. In this respect, the loading speed of your website is one of the factors Google pays attention to.

Google needs to know the click-through rate of your website on Google searches thus it can determine how useful and relevant your content is for the user. Having quality page titles and meta descriptions is essential because they can show what your content is about.

Getting backlinks from reliable and quality websites is one of the most important factors Google will look at when evaluating your website since getting backlinks can increase your website's authority. Likewise, getting high-quality citations which include your firm's name, address, and phone number from other websites such as Facebook and Bing is significant to position in a good rank and get more traffic, clicks in Google's map results.

The Importance of Choosing the Right SEO Provider

Google's search algorithms are constantly updated every year. In just 2018, Google updated 3,234 factors in its algorithms. In addition, Google constantly performs quality tests to improve its search results. The rankings of the search engine results page are also constantly renewed according to these updates. SEO experts also do their own tests and experiments, while they try to adapt websites to Google's algorithms to be in the top positions consistently. Conducting SEO tests and analyzing them is important to determine smart and data-driven SEO strategies for competition with other law firms. That's why hiring a good SEO provider that constantly follows Google's updates is an important marketing strategy for your law firm to consider.

SEO for lawyers is a long and difficult process, but some SEO providers may give unrealistic promises that the service they provide will give you quick results. However, entrusting such SEO providers for your website may not help improve your website and poor SEO strategies can lower your site's ranking, or worse, get you penalized by Google. That's why it's important to work with experienced and good SEO providers that run their own tests constantly, research keywords, and determine their strategies based on data from these tests and research.

How Can We Help Your Law Firm?

Even if you produce quality content for your site, the click-through rate of your site might be low unless you do SEO practices. We can help you to reach your potential customers organically while they are searching for your services by optimizing your website by following Google's updated search algorithms constantly.

Services We Offer During Your Law Firm SEO

Discovery + Strategic Planning

We discover your website and prepare strategic planning before creating an SEO campaign for lawyers for your website. During the discovery, we briefly interview you to learn about the goals of your firm and the characters of your ideal clients. We analyze your current performance to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website and find opportunities. Since legal marketing is a highly competitive field, we research your competitors' marketing strategies. After doing strategic keyword research, we set a schedule for content production. Building quality links is important to the authority of your website, so we find link-building strategies. We review the local optimizations already made and finally focus on share of search to get you wherever your potential customers are searching.

Technical Website Optimization

When Google ranks search results, it gives importance to the user experience provided by the websites. The speed of loading your page, the structure of your site which is suitable for easy navigation, the readability of your content, and the optimization of title tags are factors that we care about as much as Google and we try to optimize them. Also, your website needs to have a responsive design and work smoothly on mobile devices, because the majority of Google searches are made from mobile devices. We optimize the architecture of your website, internal links, functionality, readability, page speed, meta descriptions, page titles and elements, keywords of contents, and fix broken images and error pages.

Local SEO

Online searches on mobile devices list many local results. These results are very important for local attorneys and other local businesses because search engines allow their customers to rate the businesses they review. Since Google is the largest search engine, having a Google My Business account of a local firm is also very important. Being at the top of map results or Local Pack Ads increases your website visitors and the number of customers you will reach as a result. We optimize your Google My Business page so that your law firm can be shown higher in search results. We manually create consistent citations and local links. We are working on a competitive spam fight. With proximity optimization, we focus on authority, relevance, and proximity.

Content production and optimization

If the content on your site is incompatible with the targeted keywords, we organize the content on your site according to the targeted keywords. Apart from these contents, we create contents that are consistent with the targeted keywords for your potential customers by real lawyers, that is readable, has a high conversion rate, complies with spelling and grammar rules, and is supported by visuals. The content we prepare is optimized by our SEO strategists to adapt to the status bar, and promoted via social media.

Link building

Backlinks are one of the effective ways to rank the websites higher in search results. We build quality links for your website with creative ideas such as strategic social media promotions, local events, sponsorships, content marketing, specific legal directories, promotions such as guest posts, and public relations works.

Reporting on the Metrics

As JH SEO, we provide a report which includes key performance indicators such as keyword rankings, new and high-value cases, potential online customers, Google Analytics traffic, Google Search Console trends for our customers. Also, this report includes the monthly works we complete such as all web page changes, optimizations, details of links created, marketing details of all content, and initiatives we will take next month.

How Long Will It Take For My Law Firm To See Results From SEO?

It is almost impossible to give a clear time frame, since seeing the SEO results is affected by many factors. Assessing the current state of the website, identifying desired goals, and planning a strategy to achieve those goals is a long process and can take several months. After starting the campaign with technical works, it may take some time to see the organic search results of the company and the interest in the campaign. It should not be forgotten that legal marketing is a sector with a lot of competition and therefore it could be difficult to get results. It might take much longer to see SEO results on a new website than see on a site that has been marketing for years. However, seeing the results of SEO studies can vary from at least 4 months to 12 months.

How Much Will Law Firms SEO Services Cost With JH SEO?

Implementing SEO campaigns is a challenging process. Competition is high, especially in lawyer SEO marketing. While our SEO programs for a single market start at $2,000 per month, the increase in the number of markets and competition can increase the cost. As JH SEO, our cost is generally $5000 according to the markets and competition our customers demand from us. However, big law firms spend $20,000.

Do you offer any guarantees?

We cannot make any guarantees that we can rank you first in google search results in our SEO for attorneys service, but we rely on our service to achieve a success of over 90%.

What makes JH SEO different from other Lawyer SEO agencies?

At JH SEO, we deliver concrete results to our lawyer clients. We transparently present our work and prove our success. We love working for the legal industry and we care about our responsibility in this area, so we are competitive in our expertise, experience, and performance in this area. We view all of our SEO campaigns as a symbiotic relationship so your success is our success.