How Can Local SEO Help Your Business?

Local SEO is ideal for ensuring that your local customers find you fast. When they are searching for a product or service that your business offers, an effective local SEO campaign strategy will give you the competitive edge in a crowded Los Angeles marketplace.

Local search engine optimization puts your business front and center by improving your local search rankings and getting customers in the door.

That means optimizing your online presence to make it easier and quicker to be found in the best possible position of users’ local search engine results. Your website content, on-page and off-page search engine optimization, and link building must all be carefully considered with an eye on localized intent.

Why Local Rankings are Important

Local SEO services bring greater visibility in your local community. You want your company’s website to be the first one that local customers find when they conduct an online search for businesses in their immediate area.

If your business website isn’t at the top or near the top of the first page of local users’ search results, you’re practically driving traffic to your competitors’ businesses and losing out on valuable revenue that should be going to your business.

Highly-optimized local search engine rankings will ensure that customers are finding your website. You can be sure your competitors are optimizing their websites and that will put their links above your business, it doesn’t matter if your product is better, your service more reliable, or your prices and customer satisfaction second to none. Customers don’t want to scroll through multiple pages of website links, they typically find what they are seeking at the top of the first page of their results.

When a customer clicks on the first link at the top position of the first page and finds the product or service they need, they are likely to convert on a sale.

Local rankings optimization helps your Los Angeles business gain wider exposure in the community you serve. Localized search engine optimization can put your business in front of users in your city, your geographic region, and the state in which you do business.

Optimizing your online presence for local intent is best suited for brick-and-mortar retailers who want more customers to visit their stores and skilled providers who offer services on a regional basis, such as plumbers, attorneys, and medical professionals.

Customers or patients who need a good plumber or a trusted physician want someone local they can trust.
That’s why local SEO is so important – search engine users who need to see a reliable doctor don’t want to find one in the next state over, they want one who is serving their local community.

Los Angeles Local SEO Strategy

An effective local SEO campaign is one that optimizes every facet of your online presence for local intent, so customers in your area can learn about your business and find the local address of your brick-and-mortar location.

In order to implement the most impactful optimization strategy to give your business a competitive edge, local SEO incorporates multiple factors that are not unlike those used in a general SEO campaign strategy.

The big difference, of course, is applying localized optimization to all of the usual areas such as content, technical SEO, and backlinks that Google recognizes as valuable.

In addition, your website should have accurate and up-to-date, name, address, and phone number information so there is no confusion as to where your business is located across all relevant links and sites.

Foot traffic is just as critical as online traffic for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations.

Local Visibility

Companies who don’t choose to develop a smart, sensible local SEO campaign are leaving money on the table. SEO has long been a key to success for companies who do business online. But with so many competitors on the horizon, it can be extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd, particularly with local customers in a tight-knit community.

If your company provides goods and services worldwide, visibility is paramount. However, don’t lose sight of your local clientele and the revenue they represent.

We can help you tap into the potential of the most popular search engines that your customers are using by creating an innovative SEO strategy to emphasize maximum visibility in the towns and cities where your business has a secure foothold.

These are just some of the the services we provide:

Technical Search Engine Optimization

The technical aspects of your company website are critical to a successful SEO campaign, but far too many business owners overlook this one very important facet of their marketing strategy.

If your website isn’t optimized to run at peak performance, the search engines won’t be placing your link in the most desirable spot at the top of the first page of search results pages. Optimizing the website so that it loads properly in a short period of time, presents an effortless user experience, and complies with search engine standards for mobile compatibility will help the site rank higher on search results pages.

This holds true when optimizing your online presence for local SEO. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting the technical aspects of your website. All of the content and keyword optimization fine-tuned for local intent won’t have the same impact if your company is using a faulty or poorly-designed website.

Off-Page Local Search Engine Optimization

The goal of any company website is to provide value to users. The search engines audit the value of websites by a list of strict criteria, all of which point to a superior user experience. The goal of any company website is to provide value to users. The longer periods of time users actively visit and engage with your website, the more valuable the site is deemed to be.

So when it comes to Off-Page local SEO, overlooking even the simplest details can have a significant negative impact on your website’s visibility. But since Off-Page activities occur outside of your company website, what factors are search engines judging as to the value of the site?

For starters, accurate location information. If your company website is optimized for local SEO, then it has a valid Google Business Profile and relevant NAP citations – name, address, phone number. When the search engines are able to properly assess the accuracy of your business contact information and location, your business website’s local SEO rankings are affected.

On-Page Local Search Engine Optimization

Anything that exists on the pages of your company website are impacted by On-Page Local SEO and we can help you audit and optimize these critical factors for increasing the online visibility of your business, especially with local customers.

The aspects of On-Page Local SEO range from content to meta descriptions to keywords, even page speed and URL’s. All of these factors combined contribute to the user experience and play a role in your website rankings. Developing the strength of these aspects of your site for local search optimization can increase visibility with your neighbors. The goal is to earn organic rankings in search results pages and our team is well-versed on all of the latest tools of the trade to help your business get the visibility it deserves.

Local SEO Content

An exceptional business website offers authoritative and informative content that solves problems, answers questions, and educates users who visit the site. When your content is accurate, relevant, current, and above all, engaging to users, search engines are more likely to boost your site’s rankings and give it preferred status in search results pages. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your website content meets this criteria and remains up to date at all times.

Optimizing content for local SEO campaigns is no different, however, the content needs to be relevant for specific cities or regions where your customers are located. Service pages and blog content are extremely valuable tools for optimizing your website content to appeal to local customers in your area.

Keywords and phrases remain important and our local SEO experts can help to customize the content for increased visibility and attract more web traffic and foot traffic to your business.

Jimmy Huh SEO is Ready to Help Your Business Succeed

Call today and our team of local SEO consultants will advise you on the best methods for attracting local customers through cutting-edge SEO tricks and techniques. The major search engines are always updating and adjusting their criteria for ranking the best and most informative websites online.

We have the answers for overcoming your online business website challenges. Whether it’s a lack of functionality or ineffective keyword implementation or your website content doesn’t present any relevance to local consumers, the team at JH SEO can pinpoint the problems and provide smart and timely solutions to increase visibility and drive sales.

Give us a call and let’s discuss how to devise the right local SEO strategy for your online presence and help you reach more customers in the Los Angeles area.