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When customers are searching online for trusted plumbing contractors, are they finding and hiring you or are they bringing their business to your competitors instead? These days it’s not enough to just have an active website to promote your plumbing business. That website has to be optimized to ensure it receives as much visibility as possible in your customers’ search engine results pages.

Today’s digital marketplace has become so crowded and competitive that smart plumbing contractors are using every advantage to stand out above the competition.

A professional website can help your plumbing business succeed, but only when it has been carefully optimized to ensure maximum visibility.

If online traffic to your company website has been lacking or non-existent as of late, it could be due to your website failing to meet the standards of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Search engines put a lot of time and effort into ranking every website online for the purpose of providing a positive user experience. Why is Google so popular as a search engine? It’s because they take steps to give users what they want so they keep coming back again and again.

Repeat business. It’s a strong foundation for the success of any business in any industry. Keep your customers happy and they’ll keep coming back for more. Google, in particular, understands and embraces this attitude and so they track and analyze every website online to determine which ones deserve preferred placement in users’ search engine results.

But earning that spot at the top or near the top of the first page of a user’s search results pages is no easy task as it takes work to optimize your website to meet or exceed the ranking criteria of the biggest search engines.

We offer a wide range of plumbing seo services to help your business get the visibility to compete in a crowded marketplace. Our team of experts specialize in optimizing plumbing websites like yours for the highest possible rankings and maximum visibility in front of potential customers who are likely to be searching for and hiring plumbers in your area.

Implementing SEO for Plumbing Websites Can Help

Customers who need a good plumber in an emergency don’t look in the Yellow Pages when a pipe has burst and the kitchen is flooded. They turn to online search engines to find a plumbing contractor who can address the problem and fix it at an affordable price.

But when those customers enter the words “plumber in my area” or “local affordable plumbing companies” in their browser, they’re going to get pages and pages of search results for links to plumbers’ websites. Time is of the essence and that pipe is still leaking, so the customer is likely to click the link of the first plumbing company they see at or near the top of the first page of their search results.

That first position offers maximum visibility since everyone who searches for a plumber will see that website link and hire that plumbing company to come out and fix the pipe. How would that kind of visibility benefit your business?

The solution is SEO – Search Engine Optimization and it requires a wide-ranging strategy for building and maintaining a website that meets the search engines’ ranking criteria to place your website at the top or very near the top of their users’ results pages.

Most online users – especially those with urgent plumbing issues – don’t have the time or the patience to scroll through hundreds of links over fifteen or twenty pages of search results.

The average user clicks on the first or second link on the first page and, more often than not, converts on a sale. If your plumbing company website is at the bottom of that first page or buried further down on the second or third page of results, chances are most online users won’t even know your plumbing website exists and certainly won’t click on your link to learn more about your business.

But that’s where SEO comes in. When your website has been optimized to meet the standards of the search engines and earn higher rankings, your plumbing company gets more exposure, driving more online traffic to your site, and generating increased sales.

Positive User Experience

Three words that can have a serious impact on the visibility of your plumbing company’s online presence. Search engines have one very clear goal – provide a positive user experience each and every time. Such an experience means showing only the best and most valuable websites at the top of a user’s search results.

The search engines track, index, and analyze every website to determine which ones belong front and center and which ones can be positioned further down on subsequent pages. They hold every site to the same series of criteria for offering value in a positive user experience.

As far as the search engines are concerned, valuable websites are those that educate, inform, provide authoritative solutions through high-quality content, and function correctly when users visit these websites.

We specialize in auditing, building, and developing plumbing company websites that provide a positive user experience in all facets to organically earn high rankings from the major search engines for increased visibility with search engine users.

The following are some of the ways that JH SEO can help optimize your plumbing website:

Technical SEO and Your Website

A poorly designed website that doesn’t function properly is never going to offer a positive user experience. So it’s vital that your website is running smoothly first. That means auditing all of the technical aspects of the site to identify any weaknesses, errors, or other technical details that can adversely affect the ranking.

A website that fails to function properly, appears old and dated, and doesn’t interact with standard search engines’ tracking and indexing protocols won’t rank very high in search results pages.

Our technical SEO team can conduct a full audit of your website and the way it performs to determine how it can be improved and optimized to comply with the search engines’ stringent ranking criteria. These are just a few of the most critical technical aspects that can have an impact on your website’s ranking:

Page Loading Speed

Have you ever felt the frustration of clicking on a link and staring at your phone or tablet screen waiting for the page to load in full? You probably wouldn’t consider that a positive user experience and the search engines don’t either. So if your website loading speed fails to meet the standard of the search engine page loading criteria, your website will not be given the coveted top spot for maximum visibility.


Websites that are tough to navigate with pages that don’t load properly won’t be positioned at or near the top of that first page of a user’s search results. When someone visits your website and they find it challenging or complicated to navigate, they likely won’t stick around very long out of frustration.

No matter how educational or informative your content, a poorly designed website is going to fail when it comes to search engine rankings. If users spend little to no time navigating the site, that means it holds little to no value and the ranking will reflect that fact.

Mobile Compatibility

Customers conduct more searches on their smartphones and tablets than ever before. The popularity of electronic mobile devices has forced the search engines to include mobile device compatibility as a critical factor in their ranking criteria. When it comes to a positive user experience, the search engines want to ensure that users can access the best websites on the devices they use most often.

High-Quality Content and Your Website

Optimizing your content to make it fresh, informative, unique, and compelling provides value and a positive user experience. The better your content, the more traffic your website can receive. As a plumber, you want to inform your customers that you are trustworthy and reliable. Customer reviews will certainly help but there are other steps you can take with optimizing your content.

An authentic and authoritative voice to your content will be highly effective at getting increased visibility through more favorable rankings from the search engines. You want users to spend longer periods of time navigating your plumbing company website. If your website content is engaging and offers solutions to common problems, users will stick around.


Websites that offer fresh content on a routine basis rank higher with the major search engines. Valuable content that informs and educates is the goal but when you post new, original, and relevant content on a routine basis with consistency, it goes further to demonstrate value.

Blogging can be a useful tool for keeping those search engine rankings high and your website in the coveted top spot on that first page of users’ search results.


Optimizing your website content with relevant keywords is an effective way to drive traffic to your plumbing website. Choosing the right keywords to integrate into your content requires careful consideration as these words and phrases help inform the search engines that users are searching for the type of content you feature on your website.

But you need to know your audience and the words or phrases they are most likely to use when conducting a search for the goods and services you offer as a plumbing contractor. When an online user enters certain keywords and phrases that are relevant to your plumbing company, your website link will appear in that users’ results pages.

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We have extensive experience working with plumbing companies and contractors to simplify search engine optimization and give businesses like yours a competitive edge. Give us a call today to see how plumbing SEO can help you succeed.